Free eBook Highlights Science Career Outlook for BS & MS Grads

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAS), through its online journal Science, has a free digital booklet available on science careers. The 2012 Career Directory spotlights several of the largest employers of science graduates. 

The good news presented in this booklet is that you don't need a PhD to start a science career with a large corporation. According to the booklet's article, "Wanted: BS and MS Scientists in Life Sciences Industries":

"As corporations expand beyond their basic research and development foundations, there is a greater need for MS and BS level researchers who can plan experiments, conduct investigations, and lead teams in crucial areas such as operations, quality assurance, and engineering." 

Pronouncing that today's BS and MS scientists are strategically vital, the article states that:

"For many leaders in life sciences, the role of BS and MS scientists cannot be overstated--they are regarded as vital to the growth and advancement of companies and whole sectors."

The article interviews both BS and MS graduates launching successful new careers, as well as executives in charge of hiring new employees to fill personnel needs at large science corporations. 


One key to success mentioned in the article, is creating a scientific specialty in your education, such as cell physiology. That's one reason why National University's bachelor of biomedical science degree program allows you to tailor your course selections to create your own portfolio of scientific expertise. You can focus in on anatomy, or biochemistry, nutrition, or any combination of courses that fit your interests and goals. 

It's great to know that the AAS agrees that the future for science grads remains bright!