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This was my first week at the Salvation Army shift in downtown Chicago. I did not know what to expect other than I knew we were going to be busy…and we most certainly were! The patients all seem to be scheduled at about the same time in the morning, which ensures that you will be hitting the ground running once the day begins.

Originally the Salvation Army clinic only had DC interns that rotated through, but with the addition of the ND program, we also have the opportunity to join the chiropractic interns downtown. They have two large storage cabinets full of supplements including botanical formulas and homeopathic remedies. The DC interns are very happy to have us there to assist in the dissemination of the various products, as this is one of our fortes! I have really enjoyed my first week and look forward to the next! 

Hiking in Iowa

Although this week has been tiring, I decided to head back to my parent's house for the weekend for a little get-away. Before I went home I stocked up on Trader Joe's goodies including their amazingly delicious pumpkin and gingerbread to bring home with me. It seems funny to go grocery shopping before I leave, but the family always puts in their order in as they don't have a the same specialty grocery stores near them. I don't mind running the extra errand to pick up a few things as I get reimbursed double for the hassle! 

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The weather this weekend couldn't have been more beautiful - sunny and temperatures in the 80's made for a perfect day for hiking. My boyfriend, brother and little dog Lucy spent most of the day Saturday scaling rocks at the Palisades State Park near Cedar Rapids. I thought that my little 6 lb. cocker spaniel/poodle was going to be the weak link and anticipated carrying her for most of the hike, but it turns out she was leading the pack running up hills and looking back at us to hurry up! I didn't realize until the next morning how many muscles can be sore after a long hike… luckily I came armed with my homeopathic travel kit! 

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Next weekend I will be taking another trip down to Missouri to visit my 3-week-old niece! I recently figured out how to Skype so I can video chat with my sister and the baby. My sister gets tired of holding her up to the camera for me so she puts Grace in a bouncy seat and angles the camera just right so I can just sit here and stare at her every move!! I can't wait to squeeze her to pieces next weekend!  

Until then, another long week of Salvation Army Clinic in the morning and Lombard Clinic in the afternoon… and now it is time for a good night sleep! Have a great week!

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