Time is Flying

Another week gone by, where does the time go?!?!? Monday starts Week 6. That's only 9 weeks left in the tri. This tri definitely is going faster than every other tri thus far. I'm not complaining! One of my illustrious classmates has a countdown to graduation going. If I asked her, she'd probably tell me it was something like 2 years, 2 months, 1 week, 5 days, 6 hours, 32 minutes, and 52 seconds--or something like that. I think we're all happy to learn, but will also be VERY glad when we're done. Last week we were all asked what our goal is. Instead of "bring about world peace" or "cure cancer," every single person said, "Finish the program!" That may be telling. 


The first exam of the tri is over. Everyone lived through it--no matter how many of us thought we might die. We have one week "off" and then 2 exams each week for the next 3 weeks. I MUCH prefer this to what I've had in most of my previous tris--8+ exams in one week, right on top of each other. I always felt like I was cramming non-stop because I couldn't do the studying justice.

Hats off to my classmates in Diet and Nutrition. Every single one of the presentations that I've heard, thus far, has been absolutely amazing. I can't wait to hear the remaining talks. There's been SO much information presented. I had the pleasure of giving my talk on Thursday. I never could get my slides down to 30. I think it was somewhere around 64. Oh well, I honestly could've taught a seminar or an entire tri's worth of classes on this one topic. There's still so much to learn. Special thanks to Dr. S for answering some of my own questions (and not grilling me too much--although I was ready).


In anticipation of the next three weeks, I took a little bit of time out to tackle other responsibilities, projects, and decompress this week (end). I can't (or won't) tell you where the pictures are from. If I did, I'd lose my favorite "hidden" spot. Truth be told, if you can see in the distance the Sunshine Skyway, you'll know it's somewhere within sight of there. I've gone to this spot many times to clear my head, watch the water and the rays swim below, or the herons catch fish on the shore. It's a quiet and magical place.

I also found the time to run by the Wagon Wheel Flea Market on Saturday (it's right down from school). They have a HUGE farmer's market presence, and their produce is ridiculously cheap. They also have infinite amounts of junk to look at - from knock-off Pokemon cards to plants and flowers. I'm sure I laughed more than a few times at some of the things I saw there this weekend. If ever you want to have high trans-fat, breaded and fried candy bars, and you're not near the fair (which just happens to be in town right now), do check out the flea market. Or check out the produce--you'll probably fare just a bit better there - your body will thank you. The thing that surprised me was how unique some of the produce was. They had these HUGE spiked fruits--I think they were Durians. I should've taken a picture of those! They were about the size of watermelons (and slightly scary!). 

Last, but definitely not least, Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Whether you support Hallmark, are on your own (by choice or not), or are happily involved, please share your Love with others this week. Happy Valentine's Day to my Beloved!!! Happy Valentine's Day to my boys, AND Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Thank you for sharing your time, with me.