First Tri Mixer

January is almost over! It's REALLY hard to believe. We're at the start of the 4th week of school and midterms are right around the corner. This Tri is screaming by.


Friday night marked the Tri Mixer. We have one every tri, usually in the first month. Some turnouts are better than others (this one was not so great). Regardless, a good time was had by all at Ferg's sports bar. There were about 15 of us, mostly representatives from the upper tris. We did see a couple from Tri 2 (thumbs up from the blog chick for showing up, kids!). It was a relatively early night, although I was there long enough to see some of my esteemed colleagues make a run at "the wobble." I'll protect their identities. Suffice it to say, it was a good show.

Round 2 went on at the Bishop in downtown St Pete. I sat that one out. I claimed "old lady" and went to sing karaoke instead (yes, I sing karaoke, and I'm not bad, either). The Tri-mixer is one of the few times when the earlier tris can meet up with the upper tris (after Tri 4, the classes are in the Annex and not in the Caruth building). I highly encourage everyone to go. Although I firmly believe, what goes on at the mixer should stay at the mixer (kinda like Vegas). It's a time to cut loose and have a good time, and of course--forget all the work that we have to (and are about to have to) do.


Nutrition Presentation

This week, and next week, I'll be focusing on my diet and nutrition presentation--polyunsaturated fats. I know, I know. It sounds SOOO exciting. But think of it this way--Omega 6s vs. Omega 3s. (Are you getting excited yet?) I haven't finished my research yet (it's hard to get much done with Moose the supercat laying on my hands/laptop), but I'm feeling like it's going to be almost entirely functional medicine oriented.

I'm totally infatuated by the anti-inflammatory/pro-inflammatory focus that Dr. S is giving us in Diet and Nutrition. It's making me rethink what I put into my body. I've always been pretty focused in that direction, given that I'm a Celiac with multiple food sensitivities already. I have to be so careful. It's somewhat reassuring that medicine/science is starting to figure out that there are other reasons why we probably shouldn't be eating grains (especially wheat). I know that I'm highly biased in that department. It's made me want to research the Paleo-oriented diet--but also Paleo as it pertains to my heritage (German-Scotch-Irish--remember I'm from the pale people). I keep wondering how I will feel if I can convert my diet over to something that I was actually meant to eat.  (Maybe it's time to find out!?!)