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Meet Our Naturopathic Medicine Students

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Takiyah Smith

"When I was shopping for schools, I was really impressed with National University's integrative curriculum. Being able to take classes with doctors in other fields is really a plus, and the naturopathic curriculum is phenomenal!"

Photo of Ashley Burkman

Ashley Burkman

"Naturopathy isn't for everyone. You have to have an open mind and work extremely hard. It's not just a fly-by-night degree; it's a medical degree. The science courses can be extremely challenging. My goal is to get a residency in a cancer center in a hospital and to eventually practice in a hospital and focus on oncology."

Echaukyei Ndumbi

Echaukyei "Chucky" Ndumbi

Chucky advises those considering an ND degree to evaluate their reasons for wanting to become a naturopathic physician.  "Some people think this is an easier way to become a doctor than earning an MD. That is an illusion. It's not easy. You need an innate call to this medicine from deep within."

Photo of Ray Ilg

Ray Ilg

"I definitely think it's a challenging program, and I was extremely excited to discover the depth of National University's program compared to others. You can never go wrong with natural medicine. People have been treating themselves for thousands of years."

Photo of Simona Ciobanu

Simona Ciobanu

"At National University, we're not just learning how to treat a disease or a symptom, we are looking for ways to restore health and to help the body heal itself. Lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling, getting to the root and cause of the problem, and treating it with natural methods is what naturopathy is all about."


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