About Us

Our Philosophy

At National University, we believe a superior education in health care starts with an evidence-based, broad-scope curriculum emphasizing integrative medicine. In addition, our university is committed to preparing health professionals dedicated to patient-centered care. What does this mean?

Integrative Medicine
We believe in bringing together professionals from a broad range of medical specialties for the benefit of patients and the health care industry as a whole.

The diagnostic and healing modalities taught at National are based in sound science and backed by clinical research.

We prepare our students to evaluate and address the full range of factors affecting human health, including biomechanical dysfunction, genetics, trauma, hygiene, microorganisms, nutritional status, exercise, motion, posture, environment, stress, emotion, and human relationships.

Patient-Centered Care
At National University, we teach our students how to diagnose and treat each of their patients based on a thorough evaluation of their unique health history and profile. Our future doctors are not taught to base their care on just one symptom or one type of treatment, but instead to think in terms of "whole health healing." They will draw from a wide range of healing modalities and work together with experts from other medical fields whenever for the benefit of each patient.