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Tari Reinke, DC

Assistant Professor, Clinical Practice

Tari Reinke _250wDr. Reinke attended the University of Minnesota where she studied biological sciences and earned her DC at Northwestern College of Chiropractic. She has taught at National University of Health Sciences and served as a staff clinician at the Lombard Clinic since 1992. She has also served on various university committees and has been the recipient of the President's Quality Service Award. In 2011, she received the master of science degree in advanced clinical practice.

Dr. Reinke thrives on her role as an instructor for National students in their internship phase of training. "I still recall the little things my instructors taught me and realize how they have impacted how I practice even to this very day. If I could do THAT for only one student, I'd feel successful as an educator." Dr. Reinke believes in allowing her interns to observe her learning, which she says she does all day, every day.

Dr. Reinke also encourages her interns to blend the serious responsibilities as chiropractic physicians with the ability to truly have fun in practice. "Life is too short not to enjoy every day!"

Dr. Reinke is certified in cervical and lumbar Cox distraction techniques, as well as Graston technique. She also does consulting through her off-campus practice.